Marrying Mr Perfect by Lizzie Shane

To Louisa Tanner, Jack Doyle is perfect—heart surgeon, loving single father, and best friend a girl could have—so it's no surprise when he's tapped as the next Mister Perfect for the reality dating series Marrying Mister Perfect. But watching her secret crush romancing gorgeous women on national television? That flat out sucks—even if he will never see her as more than a pal.

Jack is skeptical of reality shows as a path to love, but drastic measures are needed to shake him and Lou out of their rut. His friend deserves better than being his live-in nanny and will never chase her dreams if she is busy taking care of him and his kids, so he vows to take the show seriously and find a new wife.

But the more stunning women he woos on command, the more he begins to realize the only woman he wants just might be the one he left back home. How can he seduce his best friend without jeopardizing their friendship? Especially when the cameras are always rolling...


The idea of a televised dating show is nothing new, but when it has a spin on big brother as well it has a new twist which is intriguing. Personally I can't stand any reality show and very much prefer a good drama. However, I found Marrying Mr Perfect an interesting read and would happily go in search for another book by Lizzie Shane.

Secret crushes are really sweet to read because they are so real. Telling the one you love to be happy, even if it means with someone else, is something so many people can relate to. This is what makes this story so easy to read.

The tale of Lou and Jack is a pure example of a one sided relationship, to begin with. Lou stepped in to help Jack when his wife died and did everything she could to keep him and his kids sane. Sleeping a cupboard sized guest room was demeaning but she kept up the routine because she loved Jack.

When Jack enrolls in the Mr Perfect show, with some added persuasion from interested parties, mixed signals are in the air as Lou doesn't want him to hook up with one of the show contestants. The months of filming allows Jack to realize how he feels about Lou, but is it in a good way??

Not one to reveal spoilers I won't reveal what happens in the end but there are some saucy moments, cute moments, outrageous moments and moments when you want to slap Jack in the face. This is a riveting and seductive story of love and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of reading it.

On Tour | Beauty And The Recluse

Beauty and the Recluse by Ellie Gray
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 12 th February 2016
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing

Following the recent death of her father, and in need of both a job and somewhere to live, Kiya takes a housekeeping job on the spur of the moment. She soon finds herself living in a beautiful but neglected mansion, working for a strange and reclusive man.

St. John is a man scarred by the past, both physically and emotionally, and is determined to live out his life alone. They are two very different people, drawn to each other almost against their will, but can Kiya convince St. John that he is not the monster he believes himself to be?


Singing softly to herself, Kiya was halfway into the room before she realised that she was not alone. From the corner of her eye, she saw St. John O’Neill spin around in surprise and she gave a startled cry, the vase slipping through her fingers to smash on the floor by her feet. He was a very tall man, easily 6ft. 5ins, broad-shouldered and muscular. His thick black hair, although clean, was long and unkempt, and his beard did not quite hide the vivid scar that ran from high on his right cheek down to his mouth. Incredibly bright blue eyes bore into her and, despite the scar and his rough, dishevelled appearance, Kiya was breathlessly aware that he was an incredibly attractive man. He continued to stare at her, radiating an aura of menace, and Kiya gave an unconscious shiver.

‘Seen enough?’ he asked coldly. Blushing furiously, aware that she had been staring, Kiya quickly bent to pick up the pieces of shattered vase.

‘Leave it.’ His words were clipped.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t realise what time it was. I’ll just clear…’ she babbled, nervously.

‘Dammit, I said leave it.’

Her hand jerked at his unexpected ferocity and she gave a yelp of pain as the sharp edge of the broken vase sliced her palm. She stood quickly, lifting her hand to check the severity of the cut, and felt a wave of nausea wash over her at the surprisingly profuse amount of blood pouring from the wound. She heard St. John mutter an explicit curse and looked up to see him striding quickly towards her, his expression furious.

About The Author

Ellie lives in the beautiful East Riding of Yorkshire with her partner, David, and two children, Joe and Abbie.

Ellie is a contemporary romance author, published with the lovely Tirgearr Publishing, and is a proud member of the Romantic Novelist Association.

Her debut novel, Beauty and the Recluse, was published in February 2016 and her second novel, Love on the Nile, is due to be released in the Summer of 2016.

In between working full-time in public services and studying for an MSc in Public Management, Ellie is currently working on her third novel.

A few random pieces of information about Ellie:

Favourite TV shows – The Walking Dead, The X-Files, Nashville, Dr. Who, The Great British Bake-off!

Favourite Music – I’m an 80’s girl!, country, sixties, Elvis, classical (when I’m writing)

Favourite Food – Indian, tapas, crisps, cheese

Favourite Drink – black coffee – copious amounts when I’m writing, Sauvignon blanc when I’m not.

Twitter: @elliegray58


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Return To Bluebell Hill by Rebecca Pugh

Jessica McAdams has never belonged anywhere; never truly felt at home. Of course, what did she expect from parents who never made her feel welcome in her own house? Leaving her life in London to return home to the charming country village of Bluebell Hill is harder than she thought. Especially as she never considered she’d be returning under such heart wrenching circumstances…

Clearing out the stunning and imposing Bluebell House after her parents’ death is difficult for Jessica—they never had the best relationship and now it’s too late. Yet spending time in the house that was never a home, having afternoon tea with dear old friend Esme—and sharing hot, sizzling kisses with delectable gardener Rueben!—opens Jessica’s eyes to the potential of Bluebell House… Could this big old, beautiful manor really be her forever home? Is Bluebell Hill where her heart is, has always been?

Jessica soon dares to dream of her very own home with delicious Rueben by her side. But when a deep, dark secret of Bluebell House is unearthed, Jessica’s world is turned upside down…

I did a naughty thing with this Kindle download as I waited for a free book promotion to hit before downloading. I love investing in other authors but tight belts and practically no food in the cupboards means not spending if it can be helped. Return To Bluebell Hill has appeared on my Twitter timeline many times so I decided to give it a try.

The blurb of Return To Bluebell Hill made this sound like quite a sad book but with a yummy gardener to spice it back up again. I'm not into sad books as I like a read which is uplifting and full of funny twists and cute anecdotes. I'm pleased to say that on completion of the book it is not half as sad as it sounds.

Throughout the book we follow the journey of leading lady Jessica as she returns to her childhood home. Her parents have passed away and the time has come to clear out the house. An awful task for anyone to do, it has to be done but with welcome distractions from Reuben, the added bonus. Having a gardener for your house must be marvelous!

Memories and feelings of being unwanted haunt Jessica as she struggles to make the decision to sell her childhood home. An easy way out but one way of removing bad memories to get rid of the environment they occurred in. The concept of selling the house and clearing her parents things seems straight forward but Return To Bluebell Hill has a surprise waiting in store for us.

Regardless of all the ups and downs of Jessica's temperament the book has a good storyline and the lovely Reuben has a very romantic nature. The only negative I can put on this book is that there were at least six errors in the text which hindered my reading slightly. Apart from this it was a good read.  I'm now lying in wait for Rebecca Pugh's next book to arrive on my Kindle.

Bookstagram May 2016

May has been an exciting month of a fortnight in Crete and my second wedding anniversary. Back to reality I'm once again enjoying the company of books and taking photos of them. For those who don't have Instagram, here's May's best bits from my #bookstagram collection.

1. Not the most flattering picture of me but I had the crazy notion to see what I looked like when reading a book. I'm calling it a book selfie.

2. Taken at the poolside in Crete I wanted to capture the environment of where I was reading the book, but at the same time keeping flabby flesh out of the picture. :)

3. I used to love watching The Bill! This casebook has lots of pictures, pull out evidence documents and lots of behind the scenes details.

4. I've started writing again!! I wanted to cleverly hide the title of my new book as I haven't finished it yet. It's a bit different to what I normally write so hopefully it pans out okay.

The Guest Cottage by Nancy Thayer

Sensible thirty-six-year-old Sophie Anderson has always known what to do. She knows her role in life: supportive wife of a successful architect and calm, capable mother of two. But on a warm summer night, as the house grows quiet around her and her children fall asleep, she wonders what’s missing from her life. When her husband echoes that lonely question, announcing that he’s leaving her for another woman, Sophie realizes she has no idea what’s next. Impulsively renting a guest cottage on Nantucket from her friend Susie Swenson, Sophie rounds up her kids, Jonah and Lacey, and leaves Boston for a quiet family vacation, minus one.

Also minus one is Trevor Black, a software entrepreneur who has recently lost his wife. Trevor is the last person to imagine himself, age thirty and on his own, raising a little boy like Leo—smart and sweet, but grappling constantly with his mother’s death, growing more and more closed off. Hoping a quiet summer on the Nantucket coast will help him reconnect with Leo, Trevor rents a guest house on the beautiful island from his friend Ivan Swenson.

Best-laid plans run awry when Sophie and Trevor realize they’ve mistakenly rented the same house. Still, determined to make this a summer their kids will always remember, the two agree to share the Swensons’ Nantucket house. But as the summer unfolds and the families grow close, Sophie and Trevor must ask themselves if the guest cottage is all they want to share.

Sunning it up in the beautiful island of Crete I brought just one paperback to read, in addition to my Kindle, while relaxing by the pool. I was kindly sent The Guest Cottage by the publishers and instantly fell in love with the cover. There's something about it which is really charming and actually quite pretty. After reading the book I did picture something completely different in my mind but I still like the cover regardless.

The general plot of the story is that two families simultaneously books the same cottage through one of the owners of the cottage. It becomes apparent that neither of the two owners communicate as the botch up happens and both families end up sharing the cottage for the duration of the vacation. As the story progresses we see some potential love interests, a lovely old man in the adjacent apartment and lots of fun on the beach.

What I really like about this book is the fact it features an older woman and younger man relationship. I'm a traditional person and have always opted to have an older man in my life, purely based on the traditional virtues I was brought up with. The freedom to choose a spouse, regardless of age, is something I feel hasn't been touched on enough and I found it refreshing to read. Despite the reservations of Sophie thinking she's too old for Trevor, the romance soon overcomes them to our delight.

The large inclusion of the children is also a charming element to the plot. As it unfolds we see the children of both families bonding together and just being children. Playing in the back garden, having fun on the beach and hanging out with friends is what children should be doing, I think, rather than being scripted to behave on par and being seen not heard. The fact that the children are written to act like children is brilliant!

The only let down I had with this book was the sub story of Connor, the old man next door. Heading towards the end of the book there are some medical concerns about Connor which seem to quickly evaporate after a check up from Sophie's mum. I hoped this story would develop a little more as there was so much build up to the check up. However, his story has a nice ending which I'm not going to spoil for you.

I've enjoyed this book and liked being engrossed in a six week holiday in Nantucket. I thought this was a great read to enjoy while on my own holiday and would recommend this book to anyone who loves a family saga.